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New ESET Research Uncovers Gazer, The Stealthy Backdoor That Spies On Embassies

Security researchers at ESET have released new research today into the activities of the notorious Turla cyberespionage group, and specifically a previously undocumented backdoor that has been used to spy on consulates and embassies worldwide. ESET’s research team are the first in the world to document the advanced backdoor malware, which they have named “Gazer”, despite evidence that [...]

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VMware AppDefense automates security for apps and data in virtual environments

The solution, two years in the making, relies on intent-based security to protect applications running on virtualized or cloud environments. By Conner Forrest | August 28, 2017, 5:00 AM PST 5 Things To Know About CLOUD Security A new service from VMware, announced Monday at the 2017 VMworld conference, could make it easier for businesses to secure apps [...]

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10 browser extensions to keep you safe on the web

You can never be too careful It seems every time you hit F5 there's a new story about a massive corporate hack, a new ransomware outbreak, or the spread of dangerous new malware. Unfortunately, you don't need to do much to compromise your security--even browsing sites deemed safe can lead to an infection from a [...]

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Hackers can control damaged phones using replacement screens

Replacement screens for cracked smartphones bought from third party vendors could leave you vulnerable to hackers, a new study has revealed. The research, carried out by Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, has shown how hackers can use replacement screens to override and steal data from the refurbished phones. Worryingly for users, the attack on these [...]

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What are the risks of allowing people to use their smartphone at the bank?

From time to time, our readers raise questions or issues related to topics that concern, or simply interest them. One such issue was brought up recently by a Twitter user, who asked us: “Do you have any posts discussing the risk to banks when people use their cell phone inside them, ignoring the security guards?” [...]

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PlayStation Social Media Accounts Briefly Hacked

Sony became the latest entertainment company to suffer at the fingertips of hackers after their PlayStation social media channels were temporarily hacked on Sunday evening. A group called OurMine claimed credit for the compromise that targeted the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sony quickly regained control of the accounts but not before the hackers had posted a [...]

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Rogers Cup ‘Tech and Tennis Day’ cybersecurity panel

While you might not think tennis and cybersecurity have much in common, both can be unpredictable and therefore require you to keep your eye on the ball. But unlike a tennis match, cybersecurity is no game. In its efforts to help consumers and businesses maintain a home court advantage, ESET – an official sponsor of [...]

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Buying encryption? Five good questions to ask before you do

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) together with the growing number of data breaches are the most pressing reasons why small and medium businesses are implementing data protection technologies – including encryption. However, with limited time and the market flooded by various products, it can be a difficult task for companies’ owners and decision-makers to find the right fit [...]

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Google pays $10,000 for student’s bug

Google has rewarded a Uruguayan student with $10,000 after he exposed a security flaw that could allow hackers to access sensitive data. Ezequiel Pereira discovered the vulnerability in Google’s App Engine server after changing the Host header in requests to the server using Burp. The high-school student explained in a blog post, “I was bored, so [...]

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Gmail now warns iOS users about suspicious links, in fight against phishing threats

Stop! Should you really be clicking on that link you just received in your email? Despite all the headlines about zero-day threats and state-sponsored attacks, the rather less dramatic truth is that the majority of security incidents start with a user simply clicking on a malicious link or opening a dangerous attachment – threats that [...]

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