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Google Chrome Adds 3 New Antivirus Protections, Improving Security For Windows Users

The new settings, introduced in Chrome for Windows, protect users from hijacked settings, unwanted software, and changes that could impact the user experience. Chrome for Windows users have three new antivirus features for safer browsing, the company announced in a blog post Monday. Building onto existing security options like Safe Browsing, the new options will alert [...]

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How To Protect Your Windows 10 PC From Ransomware With The Fall Creators Update

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes an amazing new feature: Folder protection against ransomware. Here's how to activate this essential security feature. 3 must-have security features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update   Ransomware is everywhere nowadays, and it's been nearly impossible to stop it. Microsoft thinks it may have the answer, [...]

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Businesses Should Update Adobe Flash Immediately To Avoid This Exploit

Kaspersky Lab recently identified an Adobe Flash zero day exploit that has already been used in an attack in the wild. Businesses that use Adobe Flash should update the program in order to avoid zero day exploit that infects a victim's machine with malware. The exploit, found by Kaspersky Lab, has already been used [...]

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DHS Orders Federal Agencies To Bolster Cybersecurity With HTTPS, Email Authentication

The US Department of Homeland Security will require federal agencies to use web and email encryption practices to enhance their security posture. On Monday, the US Department of Homeland Security announced a new requirement for federal agencies to employ web and email encryption to boost cybersecurity protections. At a cybersecurity roundtable hosted by the Global Cyber [...]

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KRACK WPA2 Protocol Wi-Fi Attack: How It Works And Who’s At Risk

A vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol used in secured Wi-Fi networks allows hackers to force devices to install arbitrary encryption keys. Here are the details of how the attack works. A vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol allowing attackers to read encrypted information transmitted over Wi-Fi was discovered by Mathy Vanhoef, a post-doctorate researcher at KU Leuven. [...]

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Sweeping Wi-Fi Security Flaw Has Left Nearly Every Connected Device At Risk

A WPA2 security flaw known as KRACK breaks down the common security protocol, leaving nearly every Wi-Fi-connected device at risk for data theft or hacking. Nearly all modern, protected Wi-Fi networks and the devices connected to them are now at risk of spying or malicious cyberattacks, thanks to a recently-discovered flaw in the WPA2 [...]

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WPA2 security issues pose serious Wi-Fi safety questions

The WPA2 encryption scheme has been broken leaving Wi-Fi connections open for would-be attackers who could use an attack to read information that was previously believed to have been secure because it was encrypted. ‘KRACK’ or Key Reinstallation AttaCK, as it has been labeled, means third parties could eavesdrop on a network meaning private conversations [...]

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How To Protect Your Systems From Newly-Discovered Dnsmasq Vulnerabilities

Google recently discovered seven vulnerabilities in DNS software Dnsmasq. Here's how to protect your company's operating systems, IoT, and networking devices. Google recently announced that they have discovered seven new vulnerabilities in the Domain Name System software package Dnsmasq, which provides DNS name resolution services to translate domain names to their corresponding IP addresses for connectivity [...]

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Why These Cybersecurity Researchers Are Automating Vulnerability Assessments

System complexity is preventing humans alone from finding vulnerabilities, so researchers in the UK and at CMU are working to automate an online cybersecurity system support service to help analysts. There is an axiom that cuts to the chase when it comes to crime, digital or otherwise: The bad guys only need one way [...]

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US AG rips Silicon Valley Tech Firms, Says Encryption Makes Crime Easier To Hide

The US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recently gave a speech criticizing Silicon Valley tech companies for not working with the US government on encryption. At a US Naval Academy speech on Tuesday, deputy US attorney general Rod Rosenstein criticized American tech companies' stance on data encryption, and their work with the American government [...]

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