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Software updates for workstations and mobile devices: How to stay safe and sane

To maintain security for your organization, it's essential to have a plan in place that ensures all updates are applied to workstations and mobile devices. With cybercrime on the rise, maintaining a regular schedule of updates and applying critical out-of-band patches as vulnerabilities are discovered are paramount to maintaining the integrity of security in [...]

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Top five emerging cybersecurity trends for 2018

Netwrix sums up the top cybersecurity trends that will define the way organizations develop their IT strategies in the coming year. Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, outlines the top 5 emerging IT security trends likely to affect the way organizations will approach cybersecurity [...]

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How to add a layer of privacy to your conversations using Tor Messenger

If you need to add a layer of anonymity and security to the likes of Google Hangouts and Twitter, Tor Messenger has you covered. Jack Wallen shows you how to make use of this tool. Tor Messenger is an anonymous cross-platform messaging app based on the open source Instantbird that allows you to chat via the anonymous Tor [...]

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The 20 worst passwords of 2017: Did yours make the list?

Despite all of the year's major hacks, people still can't seem to let passwords like 'admin' and '123456' go. For the fourth consecutive year, "123456" and "password" topped the list of leaked passwords. —SplashData, 2017 To improve security, create passwords that use phrases of 12 characters or more, with mixed types of characters including [...]

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Australia’s open data approach lands in a security and privacy minefield

Australia is charging headlong into a privacy disaster as government open data initiatives come online without considering how to properly implement privacy safeguards and data anonymity. Learning about data security and privacy the hard way is a bad idea. Unfortunately, Australians are being schooled on a national scale, especially the 10 percent of Australians [...]

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Warning: Cyber breaches more likely over holiday break

Some 28% of employees have never received cybersecurity training. Here's how to help them stay safe while on holiday break. Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways: 24% of employees use free Wi-Fi hotspots to access work-related emails and documents. -T-Systems, 2017 28% of employees email work documents to [...]

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The evolution of ransomware: Get ready for more advanced social engineering tactics

Prepare your company for more sophisticated, complex, and devastating ransomware attacks in 2018, says Avecto COO Andrew Avanessian. Ransomware became a massive nuisance for enterprises, SMBs, and consumers in 2017—and that threat is not going anywhere in the coming year. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with Avecto's COO Andrew Avanessian to discuss how ransomware will become more complex [...]

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99% of office workers threaten their company’s cybersecurity

Minor actions, like reusing passwords, suggest workers may prioritize convenience over enterprise security, a new report said. Virtually all office workers—99%—admit to making at least one action that could threaten a company's cybersecurity, a new report from Intermedia found. Out of more than 1,000 office workers interviewed, nearly all said they did at least one potentially [...]

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Five programming languages with hidden flaws vulnerable to hackers

Even if developers go above and beyond to avoid flaws that can be exploited by hackers, attackers can often still take advantage of bugs in the design of the underlying programming language. Writing bug-free software is practically impossible, due to the impracticality of predicting every way in which code might be executed. But even [...]

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20 must-read TechRepublic downloads about IT jobs, Office tips, security basics, and more

Check out these TechRepublic PDF downloads to read investigative reports, in-depth special features, productivity tips, and career advice. In addition to keeping up with the day-to-day news that business and technology leaders need to know about, TechRepublic publishes in-depth reports and ebooks about timely topics like cybersecurity, cloud, and IT careers, as well as [...]

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