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Data Privacy vs. Data Protection: Reflecting on Privacy Day and GDPR

As we approach Data Privacy Day 2018, consider this question: how much risk do you believe theft or exposure of private data poses to human health, safety, or prosperity? ESET security researchers posed that exact question to over 700 US adults last year. Respondents were asked to rate the risk on an eight point scale [...]

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Here are the ‘most clicked’ phishing email templates that trick victims

Wombat's state of phishing report shows that attack rates remain steady, but there is some good news: User Click rates have dropped. The most successful phishing attacks are now consumer focused, instead of business focused. The merging of business and personal email accounts is a major threat to corporate security.—Wombat Security IT professionals need [...]

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How the private sector and US government can work together to defend against cyberattacks

Sharing information about cyberthreats that face both private corporations and the government can benefit both institutions, according to attorney and former CIA case officer Jack Rice. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke to attorney and former CIA case officer Jack Rice to discuss why private corporations and the US government should work close together to defend [...]

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Android Security Bulletin January 2018: What you need to know

The first month of the year was somewhat kind on Android security. Here are the highlights from the January Android Security Bulletin. A scant five vulnerabilities were marked as Critical in the latest Security Bulletin—continuing a trend for the platform, which might well point to the hardening found within Oreo. Along with those Critical vulnerabilities, [...]

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Cybersecurity incidents top the 2018 Allianz Risk Barometer as second largest concern

Data breaches, malware, and ransomware attacks are now a primary concern for SMBs and enterprise companies, says Allianz cybersecurity chief Jenny Soubra. Cybersecurity incidents now rank as number two on the Allianz Risk Barometer, a report that identifies the most important risk factors for companies. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with Allianz cybersecurity chief Jenny Soubra [...]

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Are mobile devices insecure by nature?

It is no easy feat to recall going through life without the vast variety of mobile devices that are now part of our day-to-day. What is more, it is downright impossible to imagine a future without these devices. Recent times have been marked by a diversity of trends that revolve around flexibility and that have [...]

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Report: Only 40% of data stored in cloud secured with encryption, key management

Organizations globally lack clear policies around securing data in the cloud, according to Gemalto and the Ponemon Institute. Only 40% of the data stored in the cloud is secured with encryption and key management solutions. — Gemalto and Ponemon Institute, 2018 Only 25% of IT workers and security practitioners report being "very confident" they [...]

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How to make stealing online credentials more difficult for cybercriminals

Victims of phishing are 400 times more likely to be successfully hijacked compared to a random Google user, according to researchers. Find out the most effective ways to mitigate credential theft. Theft of credentials, especially information providing access to online accounts, is reaching epidemic proportions. Case in point, the [...]

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Encrypting communication: Why it’s critical to do it well

Encryption is essential for securing data, either in transit or stored on devices. It can provide piece of mind that communications will not be intercepted and that sensitive information stored on devices can't be exfiltrated in the event of loss or theft. The value of encryption extends beyond proactive safety, as many organizations are obligated [...]

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Don’t forget to go the ‘last mile’ on cybersecurity initiatives

Cybersecurity pros, resolve to always go the last mile when it comes to information security. Here are questions that can help with this crucial part of the process. For more than a decadeI have Advised  executives in government, the private sector, and at nonprofits on communicating about the risks of cyberattacks, terrorist attacks, and natural [...]

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