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IT leader’s guide to cyberattack recovery

Cybersecurity prevention efforts shouldn’t overshadow your ability to respond and recover in the event of an attack. This ebook offers advice from security experts on how to recover from a cyberattack with the least amount of damage and disruption. From the ebook: Suffering a data breach can be catastrophic for a company—and for the people [...]

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How companies can monetize big data with IoT data control

The oil and gas industry, auto manufacturers and more can maximize the value of IoT deployments with IoT data control. A Cisco exec explains how to manage data control and why it's necessary. IoT data control is a key way that companies can maximize the value of their Internet of Things deployments. It allows [...]

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Salesforce launches conversational queries with Einstein Analytics

The new capability allows business users to type phrases related to their data and instantly view answers in automatically configured charts. Salesforce's new conversational queries will allow business users to 'have a conversation with their data.' It understands queries based on the type of data you are viewing and displays data in automatically configured [...]

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Intel’s new Optane 800P SSD brings super fast storage at a hefty price

The new Intel Optane 800P is a next-gen drive that's faster than the typical SSD, but that performance boost comes at a cost. Intel has announced a new Optane 800P SSD, which uses Intel's Optane technology to speed up app loading times and reduce latency. The high performance of the Optane 800P comes at [...]

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New vulnerability in Exim software allows hackers to gain control of your mail server

The popular mail server software has an off-by-one buffer overflow that can be exploited to run arbitrary code. A critical vulnerability in Exim allows attackers to remotely run arbitrary code without authentication. The vulnerability has been patched in version 4.90.1. A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Exim, a widely deployed mail transfer agent. With [...]

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How to start analyzing the security of your IoT devices

Nowadays, a lot of attacks take place by tricking the user in some way, such as to open a file, click on a malicious link, or enter their personal data into a fake website. But when it comes to the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the methods are a little different. In principle, this is partly because [...]

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GDPR: Regulatory compliance is just the beginning

Joel Benavides, managing director of global legal services at Box, explains the policies enterprise companies can anticipate with cloud data management after the GDPR. We have just a few months until the GDPR hits. The road map has now become a very short sprint. TechRepublic met with Joel Benavides, managing director of global legal [...]

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