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10 more PowerShell cmdlets you can use instead of CMD commands

Learning PowerShell from scratch may seem daunting, but if you have a solid understanding of CMD, migrating your skill set over to the newer management framework might be simpler than you think.   The Windows command line, preceded by DOS in pre-Vista versions of Windows, still holds a lot of power for seasoned IT professionals. [...]

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IT concerns for breaches have doubled since last year: Here are the biggest threats

New reports from Neustar reveal system compromises and ransomware are the biggest worries for many businesses.   As the threat of cybercrime continues to rise, IT leaders are looking to make changes to their security strategies. The attacks, according to a new report from Neustar, are not expected to end any time soon. [...]

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Exclusive: New email malware detection can outperform the top 60 antivirus engines

Research from Ben-Gurion University in Israel leverages 100 unique email features to provide a more robust method for detecting malware.   Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Malware Lab in Israel have developed a new method for detecting malicious emails that is more effective than the top 60 antivirus engines [...]

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How to make your small business unattractive to cyberattackers

Cybercriminals perceive small businesses to be lucrative targets. Find out why, and what cybersecurity experts suggest to reduce your digital security risks.   Some small-business owners assume that the size of their company makes it an unlikely target for cyber adversaries. That may have been true in the past, but it's no longer [...]

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100% of corporate networks ‘highly vulnerable’ to attacks, here’s how to secure yours

Corporate Wi-Fi networks and employee mistakes make all corporate networks vulnerable to attacks from hackers, according to Positive Technologies.   All corporate networks are highly vulnerable to attacks that would give hackers full control of their infrastructure, according to a Tuesday report from Positive Technologies. The report studied 2017 audits of 22 corporate systems belonging [...]

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Why a bigger security budget won’t prevent an attack: Here’s a better approach

Enterprises must take a risk-based approach to stop cybercriminals, rather than only throwing money at the problem, according to Gartner.   Business growth and digital transformation are introducing new cyberattack vectors in the enterprise—but throwing money at the problem won't help your company protect itself against such risks, according to a Tuesday Gartner report. [...]

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3 ways to reduce IT issues from impacting downtime, security risks, and costs

Tech issues can lead to significant security risks, costs, and time delays. An expert offers IT pros three tips for reducing and possibly eliminating these outcomes.   There's a story circulating that early in the development of the Mac, Steve Jobs convinced Apple engineers to shave 10 seconds off the computer's boot time by suggesting five-million users [...]

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Here are the 12 tech trends that will dominate business in 2018

A new report from Forrester outlined the emerging technologies that CIOs should be looking out for this year.   In a Wednesday report, Forrester revealed the top 12 emerging tech trends that business leaders should consider adopting in 2018. To keep ahead of competition, the report noted that CIOs should keep emerging tech [...]

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95% of companies want humans and tech to work together to fight phishing

More than half of companies are plagued with phishing emails on a regular basis, and awareness training often isn't enough, according to an IronScales report.   More than half of companies (54%) continue to face phishing emails on a regular basis, and are looking beyond employee training to find the best solution, according [...]

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How to install and use the Avast Online Security extension in Firefox

If you use the Firefox browser, you might want to include a handy extension from Avast that helps protect you from phishing and malware sites.   These days, we need every single bit of security we can find. And platform doesn't matter. That's right, once upon a time I'd have said, "If you're [...]

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