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Understanding the value of network slicing and SFC in 5G wireless

At a breakout session during VMworld 2018, leaders explained some of the key benefits of next generation networking.   As the wireless industry inches closer to our 5G future, it's critical that company leaders understand its true value for business and what technologies will power it. During a breakout session at the 2018 [...]

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Network technologies are changing faster than we can manage them

Kentik's Cisco Live survey shows networks are changing faster than they have in decades, and companies are stumbling trying to keep up with the changes.   Software-defined networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and 5G: It's been one thing after another in networking in the last few years. Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik, a [...]

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Why 51% of SMB leaders don’t think their company is a target for cybercriminals

According to a report from Switchfast Technologies, 66% of SMB employees and 44% of SMB leaders said they connect to public Wi-Fi to do work.   Cybersecurity troubles for SMBs could be traced back to attitudes and beliefs about security itself. Some 51% of small business leaders and 35% of employees said they don't [...]

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Windows 10: Microsoft and Intel patch latest Spectre and Foreshadow CPU vulnerabilities

New Windows 10 updates contain Intel's latest microcode fixes for the recently discovered Spectre variant 3a and 4 vulnerabilities, as well as Foreshadow.   Microsoft has released out-of-bounds patches for Windows 10 to help protect against new Spectre and Foreshadow CPU attacks. The Windows 10 updates, made available late on Monday, contain Intel's [...]

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Why the human factor is an evergreen problem in cybersecurity

Employee errors in business are a critical threat to nearly half of organizations. Here's how they are trying to solve it.   The human factor is a key concern for businesses trying to keep networks secure, according to Kaspersky Lab's State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2018 survey. With 40% of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) computers [...]

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Data recovery do’s and don’ts for IT teams

Operational data recovery is often overlooked for disaster recovery, but it's probably more important. If your organization's approach to everyday data recovery is "wing it," you're doing it wrong.   It's easy for IT staffers to get bogged down in the daily business of making backups or in the long-term concerns for disaster planning while [...]

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Black Hat: Protecting Industrial Control System

Industrial Control System (ICS) security was ramped up at Black Hat USA – with packed sessions ranging from specific attacks to vulnerable hardware – all with the aim of protecting critical infrastructure, whose security shortcomings so frequently hit the headlines these days. While industrial control protocols themselves are horribly insecure, there is an attempt to bolt on security hardware [...]

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5 ways machine learning makes life harder for cybersecurity pros

While many companies are turning to machine learning tools to fight hackers, they may not be as helpful as they seem thanks to a talent shortage and a lack of transparency.   By the end of 2017, some 61% of businesses had implemented artificial intelligence (AI) into their organizations—a 23% jump from the [...]

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Installing Windows apps on Linux is about to get easier with Winepak   If you've ever wanted to make the switch to Linux, but the idea of leaving behind Windows apps always seemed to be a stumbling block, you might know about Wine. Wine is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on Linux and other POSIX-compliant operating systems. However, to many users, Wine itself [...]

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5 reasons IT struggles to innovate and keep core business systems running

The expanding role that business leaders expect from IT comes with many challenges, according to an Insight Enterprises report.   The IT function is evolving to meet business needs. But 87% of IT decision-makers said that the department struggles to adapt to an expanding role that includes leading innovation initiatives while also keeping [...]

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