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IoT and the security challenges that tech companies face

Cisco's Michele Guel, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Security Architect, discusses IoT and how tech enterprises are working to secure the IoT infrastructure. Cisco's Michele Guel spoke with TechRepublic and CNET Senior Producer Dan Patterson about how companies need to defend for the future, but they need to also make sure to handle all the [...]

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The 10 most in-demand tech jobs of 2019   The tech jobs landscape of 2019 will likely look largely the same as it did in 2018, with roles in software development, cybersecurity, and data science dominating across industries. "Emerging technologies will be key catalysts for the in-demand jobs we expect to see in 2019," said Sarah Stoddard, community expert at job search [...]

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8 strategies to keep legacy systems running

Dependencies on legacy hardware and software are typically the bane of IT, as stakeholders demand continued access to deprecated platforms. Here's how to ease the pain.   While most organizations are moving business operations to Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing solutions, some organizations retain dependencies on legacy platforms and the software [...]

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4 communication fundamentals that should be in every disaster recovery plan   Last week, I was onsite with a client testing a disaster recovery (DR) plan. This was one of the most creative DR tests I have ever conducted because the client actually had users act out the exercise. Every five minutes users entered the IT "war room" to complain about offline systems and continuously [...]

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Open source licensing: Is your vendor a troll?

In an ideal world, people wouldn't be trolls and we wouldn't need the GPL Cooperation Commitment (GCC). Unfortunately, we don't live in that world, so a swelling list of companies have agreed not to be jerks and use open-source licensing as a club. Making open source less open This shouldn't be an issue, of course. Open source [...]

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Future of IT Work: Can people keep up with innovation? Successful businesses are the those embracing digital change, but many organizations feel like their IT teams can't keep up with the pace of technological change, according AppDynamics' Agents of Transformation Report released on Thursday. In fact, only 22% of global technologists feel their companies are prepared to take on the challenge, said the Thursday press release. In [...]

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Internet of things in 2019: Five predictions   The internet of things (IoT) is not only changing how businesses operate, but also how people live. With the wide availability of sensors, cloud and edge infrastructures, platforms, analytics, and more, IoT technology has evolved in recent years. But in 2019, the presence of IoT in the enterprise will transform as a whole, according to Forrester's [...]

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Microsoft may be the world’s largest open source contributor, but developers don’t care–yet Microsoft is the world's biggest open source contributor, at least, as measured by the number of employees actively contributing to open source projects on GitHub. In fact, Microsoft has double the number of open source contributors as the second most active contributor, Google. Despite this, developer respondents to DigitalOcean's most recent survey found Google, not Microsoft, as twice as [...]

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Why your data in the cloud isn’t as secure as you think Data in the cloud may be more exposed to attacks and breaches than enterprises think, according to a new report from McAfee. The activity of sharing sensitive data in the cloud has increased 53% year-over-year, and nearly a quarter of all data in the cloud is sensitive, Tuesday's Cloud Adoption and Risk Report found. [...]

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