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Why SMBs need technology to hit business goals

SMBs find tech necessary for implementing new systems and processes and deploying new products and services, according to a CompTIA report. Technology is essential for the success and function of SMBs, according to a CompTIA report released on Tuesday. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of SMBs said the use of technology is paramount to achieving their business [...]

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How to improve talent development: 7 focus areas for your business

Digital transformation has led to a rush in hiring and developing employees with the right tech skills, according to a LinkedIn Learning report. Learning and development professionals are playing a more strategic role in the enterprise, amid increased budgets and executive support for finding and developing talent, according to LinkedIn Learning's third annual Workplace Learning [...]

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10 ways data and analytics will impact businesses

Augmented analytics and artificial intelligence are among the top trends in the field that will significantly change businesses in the coming years, according to Gartner. Augmented analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are among the top data and analytics technology trends that have the potential to significantly change business operations in the next three to five [...]

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10 soft skills tech pros need to land a job

Conflict management is the most sought after soft skill in today's workforce, according to Udemy. Here are the other skills companies look for. Soft skills are vital for getting hired, as well as getting promoted, according to an Udemy reportreleased on Tuesday. The majority of HR professionals (67%) withhold job offers from a qualified IT candidate [...]

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Network recovery advice: Experts weigh in In the old days, you just had redundant everything, and disaster recovery meant switching over. Not so in the world of cloud computing, security nightmares, and virtual everything. Recovering from a network crash isn't as simple as it used to be, given the modern complex arrangements of hybrid cloud computing, [...]

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4 ways your company can avoid a data breach

More than two-thirds (67%) of cybersecurity professionals said they do not have the time and resources to mitigate all security vulnerabilities to avoid a data breach, according to a Wednesday report from Balbix and the Ponemon Institute. The lack of resources includes a shortage of cybersecurity staff, the report found: Of the 600 cybersecurity leaders [...]

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How hybrid IT can make your business more flexible and efficient

Hybrid IT blends in-house resources and cloud resources to better meet the needs of businesses. Homogenous or entirely on-premise IT environments provided by a single vendor can offer a one-stop shopping solution for streamlining deployments, operations, and support. However, vendor lock-in can also be cumbersome and monolithic. Not to mention, it can produce inefficiencies, delays [...]

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Top 5 ways to avoid notification stress

We get notifications for everything nowadays. While some notifications are helpful, too many can actually be harmful. Tom Merritt offers five tips for keeping your cool when notification stress hits. Notifications: They buzz, they chirp, they let you know your local sports team has scored a point. They have also been found to raise your [...]

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Why your business needs a continuity plan and how to create one

The death of a cryptocurrency exchange CEO serves as a cautionary tale of FinTech startups playing with huge sums of cash without the caution and oversight needed. Since the introduction of Bitcoin 10 years ago, an ecosystem of startups developed around the cryptocurrency market. Effectively, these are FinTech startups playing with a security that only [...]

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