Some 99% of companies receive direct business value from cloud visibility, according to a Keysight Technologies report.

As companies increasingly move business-critical workloads to the cloud, concerns about security and visibility rise, according to a Monday report from Keysight Technologies and Dimensional Research.

Some 84% of the 338 IT professionals surveyed worldwide said their companies grew their public cloud workloads in 2018, the report found. And while 76% said that monitoring the performance of their public cloud infrastructure is either moderately or very important, less than 20% said they can monitor these public environments properly—in terms of having complete and timely access to network packets.S

Here are the top concerns professionals have for applications deployed in the public cloud, according to the report:

  1. Visibility into data and application traffic (65%)
  2. Secure delivery of cloud traffic to on-premises monitoring solutions (61%)
  3. Ability to filter cloud traffic before sending to data center (34%)
  4. Access to network packet details (34%)
  5. Access to network packets flowing across containers (32%)

The lack of cloud visibility has led to a number of security issues for companies, according to the report. Over the last year, IT professionals reported that a lack of visibility into public or private cloud has created delays troubleshooting application performance issues (48%) and network performance issues (40%), an application outage (38%), inability to monitor performance workloads in the cloud (31%), and a network outage (31%).

Cloud visibility leads to direct business value for 99% of companies, the report found, including by helping monitoring solutions identify performance degradation (60%), enabling threat prevention solutions to identify malicious traffic by source (59%), and allowing security monitoring solutions to detect indicators of compromise (57%).