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Embracing creativity to improve cyber-readiness

How approaching cybersecurity with creativity in mind can lead to better protection from digital threats This Sunday April 21st is World Creativity and Innovation Day, a day to celebrate and encourage creative thinking across all disciplines. It is easy to think of creativity as a skill confined to the arts, when creativity and the ability [...]

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How to attract Gen Z workers to your company: The 3 things they want the most

Generation Z is about to take over the workforce. Here are the things they are looking for most on their job search. Generation Z—those born after 1996—will flood the workforce in the coming years. With approximately 62 million Gen Zers in the US, this generation outnumbers Gen X, and is projected to soon outnumber millennials, [...]

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Why digital disruption is a top risk to businesses

While digital transformations have their risks, these initiatives end up paying off by making operations more efficient and productive, according to Deloitte. Organizations are pouring huge investments into digital technologies to transform their businesses. However, the costs place a significant burden on companies, according to a Tuesday Deloitte report. The report surveyed more than 1,200 global [...]

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4 things successful change managers practice daily

Top change agents don't sit idle. Learn how they help organizations achieve results. Top change managers (CM) seldom sit idle. Their ears are always listening to the people and chatter that sets the tone for change. By staying on top of the organization's direction, understanding what is transforming the business, and remaining tuned into the [...]

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How to increase employee engagement using AI, machine learning, and other methods

Increased retention, productivity, and workers' performance—these are some potential benefits of successful employee engagement initiatives. Employee engagement is "the level of an employee's emotional connection, involvement, and commitment to their organization," according to G2 Crowd. Making employees feel valued increases their enthusiasm and dedication to their job, coworkers, and the company; retention rates, performance, and productivity [...]

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Top 5 ways businesses are actually using new technologies

Companies are using emerging technologies like IoT to drive innovation projects, according to a TIBCO report. Here's how. Technology is crucial for innovation in businesses, according to a TIBCO report released Thursday. Between advancements in the cloud, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, machine learning, app and data integration, and predictive analytics, organizations have a [...]

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Why insider security threats are on the rise and so difficult to detect

Some 73% of IT professionals said insider attacks have become more frequent in the past year, according to a Bitglass report. Insider security threats are on the rise, and IT professionals face increasing challenges detecting them, according to the 2019 Insider Threat Report from Bitglass. Some 73% of IT professionals surveyed said they believe insider attacks have become [...]

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Blockchain: Top 4 challenges CIOs face

With hype around blockchain fading, organizations are starting to seek out use cases for the technology, according to Gartner. By 2023, blockchain technologies are poised to support the global movement of $2 trillion worth of goods and services annually, according to Gartner research. But many companies are still struggling to figure out how they can successfully [...]

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