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Report: Mobile ransomware attacks ‘soared’ in 2017, up 250% in Q1

Kaspersky Lab detected more than 479 million malicious attacks from online sources in Q1 2017 alone, according to a new report. Here's how to stay safe. The global ransomware epidemic continues to make waves, as last week's WannaCry attack demonstrated: In Q1 of 2017 alone, mobile ransomware attacks increased by 253%, according to a new [...]

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Keys for Crysis released, as decryption efforts of WannaCryptor files continue

While the entire cybersecurity world is focusing on WannaCryptor ransomware and ways to help its victims, someone has released 200 master keys for the latest variants of another notorious ransomware family (detected by our systems as Win32/Filecoder.Crysis) – namely those that add the .wallet and .onion extension to the affected files. Based on this information, [...]

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Ignoring software updates? You’re making one of five basic security mistakes

Cybercrime has quickly become a major problem for businesses, governments and citizens all over the globe. While awareness of this multifaceted threat is increasing, we’re still making the same blunder when it comes to cybersecurity, as a recent study by the Pew Research Center alluded to. Here are a few security mistakes to be aware [...]

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Shadow Brokers threaten to release even more NSA-sourced malware

The hacking group claims it will launch in June a subscription-based monthly dump of compromised data Late last night, someone claiming to represent Shadow Brokers—the people responsible for releasing stolen NSA hacking tools—posted a new message on the Steemit website. In a hard-to-fathom rant, the group makes several claims and also threatens to release even more [...]

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Apple users advised to update their software now, as new security patches released

Welcome to the post-WannaCryptor world, where every computer user understands the importance of creating secure backups and applying security patches in a timely fashion. What’s that? You’re not so sure that folks have learnt the lesson, despite the round-the-clock coverage in the mainstream media on what must have been one of the highest profile malware [...]

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Malicious registry keys: Reflective injection

Over the years, we have witnessed how cybercriminals have developed and implemented sophisticated new techniques to outwit users. That being said, one thing has not changed and remains a constant challenge: ensuring perseverance and avoiding detection both by security solutions and the human eye. In recent months, we have started to receive various reports about suspicious and [...]

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Microsoft Issues WanaCrypt Patch for Windows 8, XP

Microsoft Corp. today took the unusual step of issuing security updates to address flaws in older, unsupported versions of Windows — including Windows XP and Windows 8. The move is a bid to slow the spread of the WanaCrypt ransomware strain that infected tens of thousands of Windows computers virtually overnight this week. On Friday, May [...]

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Big changes in the infosec landscape: Time to take note and take action

Recent events are changing the topography of the threat model and attack methodologies across the board and at record speeds – to say that the impact of the past few weeks in information security news has been small would be a complete understatement. The Shadow Brokers releasing full-blown government hack frameworks, VAULT 7 releases, and [...]

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Why SMBs are at high risk for ransomware attacks, and how they can protect themselves

Ransomware cost businesses more than $1B last year, and SMBs are particularly susceptible to attack. Here are some tips and best practices for keeping your company safe. Ransomware dominated the cyberthreat landscape in 2016, costing businesses more than $1 billion. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are extremely vulnerable to these attacks—and they often pay the [...]

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Beware Google Docs phishing attack

Recently, many people received a phishing email from a address that was attached to a malicious Google doc. It seemed to be targeting journalists, as well as yours truly. Once the link is clicked, a user is directed to the Google login page, asking for a username and password. Except, the page is not [...]

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