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The future of business tech: 6 trends that will define the next two decades

AI-driven organizations and a serverless world are two major tech trends of the future, according to Deloitte's 10th annual report. Advanced networking, serverless computing, and intelligent interfaces will reshape business processes in the coming years, according to Deloitte's 10th annual tech trends report set to release on Wednesday. The report examines how new technologies are currently disrupting [...]

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The 6 biggest tech myths Americans still believe

With new technology constantly surfacing, it can be hard to know what information is true or false. Here is the truth behind some of the biggest tech myths. Technology is constantly evolving, and with this evolution comes advances in best practices. However, tips and tricks that might've worked for older devices aren't necessarily relevant for [...]

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How national language generation unlocks meaning behind dashboards

One of the biggest selling points for ongoing big data and analytics efforts has been the dashboard. Dashboards are great ways to summarize information in an eyeshot for time-strapped executives and managers. The caveat, of course, is that dashboard users must fully understand what their dashboards tell them. Sometimes, understanding a dashboard isn't so simple. [...]

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5 ways poor capacity planning can sabotage a project

Every project consists of tasks that require resources in order to succeed. However, project managers often encounter challenges when trying to match resources to the tasks as needed. Why? Simply put, capacity planning, which is careful planning to match the right resources to each task at the right time, gets overlooked. Poor capacity planning can [...]

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7 ways to accelerate digital transformation success

Strategic digital transformation is moving beyond IT to impact the entire enterprise, modernizing how companies work, compete, and grow in the digital economy, according to Altimeter's annual State of Digital Transformation report, released Thursday. "We're shifting from a 'digital'-focused approach toward digital transformation to one where digital is an enabler for purposeful enterprise-wide transformation and innovation," Altimeter [...]

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Most data centers are too inefficient, says Supermicro

Big businesses aren't doing well at managing the energy needs of their computer hardware, which leads to wasting money and poor technical performance, according to officials at San Jose, CA-based Supermicro. The company has been trying to differentiate itself by promoting disaggregated systems so customers can more easily update memory, network interfaces, processors, and storage, [...]

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Why Python is the real programming language of data science, not R

Python and R are among the most frequently mentioned skills in job postings for data science positions. But reports on which programming language is actually used most often on the job for these professionals are conflicting, according to a Thursday report from Cloud Academy. The TIOBE Programming Community Index shows R as being on a downward trend this year in [...]

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Top 5 highest-paying tech jobs of 2019

Cybersecurity engineers will be the highest-paying and most recruited tech job for 2019, according to a Wednesday report from marketplace recruiting platform Scout Exchange. This is not surprising, as 50-90% of all companies depending on industry experienced a cyberattack in 2018, while high-profile breaches demonstrated the massive reputational, legal, and financial risks that organizations now face, [...]

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13 in-demand tech certifications that will help you get a better job

With a tight tech labor market, employees with the right skills and certifications can net high salaries for in-demand positions, according to a recent report from Robert Half Technology. While many organizations offer certifications for technology workers and project managers—some of which can drastically increase an employee's salary—it can be overwhelming to know which to pursue. Ten out of [...]

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