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Data protection: Top 3 business challenges

More than a quarter of businesses experienced irreparable data loss in the past year, according to a Dell EMC survey. The amount of data enterprises are collecting and managing is exploding, and with that comes problems protecting it, according to a Thursday report from Dell EMC. The average amount of data managed rose from 1.45 [...]

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Big data adoption exploding, but companies struggle to extract meaningful information

If your organization is having trouble getting value from its data you aren't alone, and big data firm Syncsort thinks it knows what's wrong. While more organizations are prioritizing big data analytics in IT initiatives, many are facing a series of problems connected to the gathering and harvesting of this information, according to a Tuesday [...]

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Top 5 data recovery tips

Losing data can be a scary experience. Tom Merritt offers five helpful tips for creating a data recovery plan. Hard drives die—it happens all the time—but what can you do? You can try to recover that data. Or better yet: Plan ahead so you don't have to fret. Start thinking about the inevitable now—don't wait [...]

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7 tech capabilities your business needs to hit digital transformation success

Data mastery is among the factors vital for companies seeking successful digital transformations, according to a Deloitte report. Organizations are prioritizing investments in digital transformations this year, with budgets for these initiatives increasing by 25%, according to a Deloitte report released on Wednesday. The report surveyed 1,200 US executives to determine their organization's outlook on digital transformation [...]

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How to secure IoT devices: 6 factors to consider

While Internet of Things devices can unlock great insights and value from the data collected, cybersecurity must be built in from the start, according to a report from the Indiana IoT Lab. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand: By the end of 2019, more than 14 billion connected devices will be in use, [...]

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How tech companies can recruit and retain more women

Learn about the benefits of creating a more diverse workforce and promoting women to leadership roles, reasons why women leave tech jobs, and tips on recruiting and retaining women at tech firms. The first computer programmer was Ada Lovelace; Margaret Hamilton coined the term "software engineering" and helped develop the on-board flight software for NASA's Apollo missions, Grace Hopper was [...]

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3 things you need in a cybersecurity awareness training plan

Organizations can change employee security behaviors by creating a strategic plan, according to SANS Security Awareness. When it comes to an organization's employees, the security community has a common refrain: "People are the weakest link." However, we need to reframe that thinking: People are the primary attack vector, and only become the weakest link when [...]

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Can you use AR and VR to teach employees soft skills?

AR and VR can help improve employee training simulations on soft skills by delivering realistic human speech, body language, and mannerisms, according to Talespin. A new virtual human technology tool can help improve soft skills training for employes. The training tool from Talespin is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and leverages virtual reality (VR) and [...]

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6 technologies to help build your digital business

Emerging technologies related to IoT, AI, and 5G will serve as the building blocks for the future of organizations, according to a Globant report. Emerging technologies are rapidly transforming the business landscape, and will continue to do so as organizations increasingly seek out solutions related to these trends and actually put them into place, according [...]

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