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The future of cyberwar: ​Weaponised ransomware, IoT attacks and a new arms race

Now that cyberwarfare is out of the shadows, here's a taste of what is coming next. After at least a dozen years in the shadows, cyberwarfare is gradually emerging into daylight. While cyber weapons were mostly developed and used by intelligence agencies as part of secret missions, they are now becoming an acknowledged military option during [...]

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Cybersecurity predictions for 2018: it’s going to be “a lot more of the same”

Forcepoint's Richard Ford predicts the types of cyberattacks that might plague businesses in the upcoming year. When it comes to defending cyberattacks, "this has been a tough year, and 2018 is going to be a tougher year," according to Richard Ford, chief scientist at Forcepoint. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with Ford to discuss what [...]

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Don’t click that! How to spot an invoice impersonation attack that pretends to be from a coworker

Invoice impersonation attacks are on the rise, attempting to download malware that steals victims' credentials. Finance workers are seeing a wave of phishing attacks that send victims a link to a fake invoice that appears to come from a trusted party, according to a new threat spotlight report from security firm Barracuda Networks. These emails don't [...]

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Report: 77% of companies say IoT has created ‘significant’ security gaps

The majority of companies cannot identify all of the Internet of Things devices connected to their network, according to a new ForeScout report. While the Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed businesses to become more connected, it has also opened up a host of security concerns and anxieties for IT and business leaders, according [...]

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5 ways to build your company’s defense against a data breach before it happens

Data breaches can be chaotic and stressful episodes. Learn the most effective actions you can take to help plan for these turbulent events. Suffering a data breach can be catastrophic for a company — and the people who work there. The realization that security controls have failed and the focus will now be on [...]

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Why UN cybercrime chief calls attacks an economic issue

Companies don't just lose valuable information after experiencing a cyberattack, they lose the public's trust as well. "This impacts people's lives," says the UN's Neil Walsh. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't see a company or government losing an enormous amount of data, according to Neil Walsh, Chief of the [...]

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Insider secrets of a white hat hacker on security that actually works

White hat hacker Marc Rogers knows how to take down your network, or secure it. Here's why businesses and IT should pay attention. We've never had a greater need for security, and it's never been harder to achieve. Google has pioneered a new way of looking at security, dubbed BeyondCorp, that re-imagines corporate security in [...]

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3 simple Ways To Protect Your Data

As passwords become easier to hack, IBM Security's Limor Kessem explains three ways your enterprise can protect itself. Passwords are increasingly becoming easier to hack, meaning that companies must take new actions to protect themselves from cybercriminals. "A lot of personal data is no longer private and consumers are finding it a lot harder [...]

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Microsoft’s October Patch Batch Fixes 62 Flaws

Microsoft on Tuesday released software updates to fix at least 62 security vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and other software. Two of those flaws were detailed publicly before yesterday’s patches were released, and one of them is already being exploited in active attacks, so attackers already have a head start. Roughly half of the flaws Microsoft addressed this week are [...]

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Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec: Cybersecurity at work is everyone’s responsibility

The investor and founder of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group spoke with TechRepublic about the biggest threats facing businesses, and how all employees can get involved in security. Despite the critical nature of cybersecurity, it is often made the responsibility of a few specialized individuals—even in large organizations. And that needs to change. Robert Herjavec, [...]

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