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Stantinko: A massive adware campaign operating covertly since 2012

Overview Since the beginning of 2017, ESET researchers have been conducting an investigation into a complex threat mainly targeting Russia and Ukraine. Standing out because of its prevalence and its sophistication, Stantinko turned out to be quite a puzzle to solve. Slowly putting the pieces together, the global picture began to take shape, exposing a [...]

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A major cyberattack could cost the global economy $53 billion

Lloyd’s of London has reported that a serious cyberattack could cost the global economy as much as a devastating natural disaster. According to the Guardian, average losses from a crippling cyberattack are estimated to be around $53 billion. However, insurers are unable to give a specific estimate, due to the complexity of cyberattacks and the lack of historical data available. [...]

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Why Windows Phone users are now a serious security risk to their employers

Windows Phone is dead. On July 11, Microsoft ended support for the Windows Phone 8.1, effectively killing off the Windows Phone brand. The Windows 10 Phone is still around, but the company hasn't gone out of its way to add new features. Being that the phone is no longer supported, it loses out on key services [...]

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Self-Service Food Kiosk Vendor Avanti Hacked

Avanti Markets, a company whose self-service payment kiosks sit beside shelves of snacks and drinks in thousands of corporate breakrooms across America, has suffered of breach of its internal networks in which hackers were able to push malicious software out to those payment devices, the company has acknowledged. The breach may have jeopardized customer credit card [...]

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Analysis of TeleBots’ cunning backdoor

On the 27th of June 2017, a new cyberattack hit many computer systems in Ukraine, as well as in other countries. That attack was spearheaded by the malware ESET products detect as Diskcoder.C(aka ExPetr, PetrWrap, Petya, or NotPetya). This malware masquerades as typical ransomware: it encrypts the data on the computer and demands $300 bitcoins for recovery. In fact, [...]

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Two-factor authentication: An underutilized security measure in businesses

Whenever a business considers the security measures it can implement, three options always crop up: antivirus on endpoints and servers to detect and eliminate as many threats as possible;  backups to ensure that any data lost in an incident such as a ransomware attack can be recovered; and device encryption to prevent confidential data from being obtained by attackers. However, [...]

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New WannaCryptor-like ransomware attack hits globally: all you need to know

Update (June 27 – 23.34 CEST): Shutting down the computer and not booting again could prevent the disk encryption, though several files can be already encrypted after the MBR is replaced and further infection through the network is attempted.  Update (June 27 – 22.28 CEST): Paying is no longer possible as the email to send [...]

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How to remove geolocation information from a photo in Google Photos

It's vacation season for many people. Time to shrug off the mantle of business and IT and take a dip in the ocean, climb a mountain, visit a museum, or whatever your penchant. While on vacation, you're most likely going to be snapping photos so you can savor the memories of that time away from [...]

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Got Robocalled? Don’t Get Mad; Get Busy.

Several times a week my cell phone receives the telephonic equivalent of spam: A robocall. On each occasion the call seems to come from a local number, but when I answer there is that telltale pause followed by an automated voice pitching some product or service. So when I heard from a reader who chose to hang [...]

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Girl Scouts USA to offer badges on cybersecurity

The Girls Scouts USA (GSUSA) is set to offer badges on cybersecurity, amid growing concerns that women are still being deprived of opportunities to enter the industry. Citing the Computing Technology Industry Association, it said that some 69% of US women without a career in IT have stated that a lack of knowledge surrounding the [...]

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