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How to fail at digital transformation: 3 pitfalls to avoid at all costs

While digital transformation initiatives are commonplace now in organizations, many aren't successful. Here's how to avoid failure. Digital transformation efforts are not only a regular occurrence in most organizations, but critical to a business's survival. With 90% of companies undergoing digital transformation, technology is being used more to achieve business goals now than ever before. A common misconception, however, [...]

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Why 5G requires new antenna designs to deliver faster speeds

Traditional antennas are passive devices that use metal rods, capacitors, and conductors. Active antennas and MIMO are key to differentiating 5G from previous wireless networks. Mobile network operators worldwide are beginning their initial rollouts of 5G network services, surfacing difficulties in how to deploy 5G mobile networks. In order to deliver faster speeds to subscribers, 5G [...]

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How to prepare your workforce for the digital era

At the 2019 MIT CIO Symposium, Amy DeCastro of Schneider Electric discussed how HR and IT teams can work together to upskill workers. At the 2019 MIT CIO Symposium, TechRepublic Senior Editor Alison DeNisco Rayome spoke with Amy DeCastro of Schneider Electric about how HR and IT teams can work together to upskill workers. The following [...]

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5 building blocks for successful digital transformation

Business models are changing, and companies must adapt digital strategies to become more agile, according to MIT research. In a constantly changing business landscape, companies that want to successfully digitally transform must pay attention to what is possible, what customers want, and what they are willing to pay for, Jeanne W. Ross, principal research scientist [...]

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One year in, fewer than half of professionals believe GDPR increased data protection

Younger workers are more impassioned about technology regulation, while half of all professionals are annoyed by pop-ups and opt-ins for data handling. With the anniversary of the start of enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, confidence in the effects of regulation remains mixed, according to survey results published Thursday by asset management solutions vendor Snow Software. Only [...]

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How to stay cybersecure while traveling for business: 6 tips

More than 70% of business travelers have been at risk for cyberattacks, according to an IBM Security report. Business travelers are some of the most at-risk victims of cyberattacks, but don't seem to realize it, according to an IBM Security report conducted by Morning Consult released Tuesday. The transportation industry has become the second-most attacked industry, and since January [...]

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What makes employees happy: 3 myths

These five elements increase employee satisfaction, according to a Wrike report (hint: none are ping pong or free beer). Employee happiness should be a business imperative: Research shows that happy employees are better at customer service, and are far less likely to get burnt out or leave their jobs than their less happy peers, making happiness a [...]

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How to become a connected leader: 4 key factors

In an SAP SAPPHIRE 2019 session, Traci Maddox spoke about the benefits of being a connected leader in today's digitally transforming enterprise. The entire mission, environment, and personality of an organization begins at the top. Leaders are responsible for a company's efficiency, digital transformation initiatives, longevity, and more. Because of their multitude of responsibilities, leaders must be willing [...]

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Tracking 5G: Ookla’s coverage map tracks worldwide network rollout

Presently, there are 303 rollouts of 5G mobile networks across 294 locations across the globe, operated by a total of 20 mobile carriers. The rollout of 5G network services is advancing, slowly, as mobile network operators are sprinting to deploy new base stations around the world. Although deployments are occurring, practically being able to use these networks [...]

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The top 10 megatrends transforming businesses

At SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, Svend Wittern discussed the biggest factors changing businesses to date. In today's market, four out of five IT pros believe digital transformation is critical for a business' survival, according to a recent Masergy report. As companies prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, executives are forced to sift through numerous of megatrends and buzzwords circulating [...]

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