DataField has been a trusted resource in inventory auditing and circuit design for telecommunications providers for over 20 years. We have become the “go-to” solution for today’s hardest challenges facing the TCOM industry. Our expert team has a proven track record for providing top of the line service. While on the job, our staff are able to work with our clients to identify vulnerabilities within their processes and networks. DataField has built upon that expertise by expanding an existing business line that works with our core technical staff to not only assist with the identification of vulnerabilities, but to provide unique and often non-standard solutions to mitigate future negative impact issues.

Organizational Details:

DataField Intelligence consists of two divisions.

  • Human Enabled Activities focuses on physical and cyber vulnerability research (exploitation)
  • Big Data focuses on business analytics to discover and enhance efficiencies for businesses (business intelligence)

DFI has three types of operational staff: field operations, support, and big data analytics.

Key Details:

  • DFI’s strategy enables our analysts to view the same data set from business and exploitation perspectives.
  • All security-related client data will be held on virtual machines and will be completely scrubbed once an audit is complete.
  • All business intelligence client data will be securely maintained through either virtual machines or double tunneled VPNs, depending on if it is batch or streaming.
  • DFI employs the same internal standards that we offer to improve at each client site.